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From 11 to 56 seats
We can handle any size group!
In touch, in comfort, and entertained!
Any destination
In the United States
Perfect for
Weddings, business outings, or school trips
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EAC Shuttle is Proud to Offer Vehicles that Fit Every Need!
Sprinter - Seats 11
Mini Coaches - Seats 27
Motor Coaches - Seats 40
Full Size Coaches - Seat 56
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EAC Charters across the Midwest including:

Indianapolis, Indiana

Chicago and O'Hare and Midway, Illinois

Madison, Wisconsin

Anywhere Else Your Trip Takes You!

Disney World, Florida

Washington D.C.

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All vehicles equipped for your comfort!

Onboard Wi-Fi!

En-Route Movies

AC Power

Ask our Staff if there is ANYTHING we can do
to make your trip more enjoyable!

Contact Us To Schedule Your Next Trip!

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Always Getting Better

EAC Charters is constantly striving to improve our services. This year we added:
  • Two New Sprinters
  • New Staff
  • New Drivers
  • New Videos

    A Pair of New Charters

    Check out these two new beauties! Brand new and ready to take you on a trip.