Easy, Convenient and On-Time!

EAC Shuttle provides Airport Charters anywhere you need to go! Indy, O’Hare, Midway, you need to go there? Our airport charter service will get you there! Why drive, or take a Taxi? EAC Shuttle charters are a convenient way to get to and from the airport. EAC Shuttle airport charters service provides VIP pick-ups and transport to any airport in the greater Chicagoland and Central Indiana areas. EAC Shuttle will get you there safe and on time!

Airport Charter for Whatever Your Group

Taking the family off to an exotic location? Planning a business trip with a large number of staff? Don’t worry, our airport charters  team can get your group to the airport. Skip the parking and let us help you make your trip start to finish with smooth and easy pickups! You don’t have to worry about high parking fees, and there’s always someone to help you with your bags.

Family Airport Charters

Grandma is coming down to your house, Uncle Pete and Aunt Sue are meeting you at the airport, Cousin Billy is going to leave his car at a friend’s and take a taxi? Oh yes, and you have to drop the dog off at the kennel. Sound familiar? With a chartered ride to the airport, EAC Shuttle can make sure everybody gets there, gets there on time, and for about the about the same as it costs park. Whether we need to pick them up at their homes or in a central location, our charter staff will get them there in time for yours or their flight.

School Group Airport Charter

Whether your party needs to be picked up at their homes or at the school, our charter vehicles can get you on your way. We take special pride in working with student organizations on getting them going on the first leg of their the journeys. Whether your group is going to Italy or just Pennsylvania, our charter trips can get you to the airport hassle-free. Contact Henry to schedule your trip today!

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