We Know The Score!

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Any time of year, any kind of game, EAC Sports Charters are one of the best ways to get you there! All of your Sports Teams. Football, Basketball, Hockey or Baseball, Home or Away, EAC Charter has your Sports Team covered! EAC will get your teams from fields and courts to pools and rinks all over the Midwest and beyond.

Arrive Rested, Relaxed, and Ready to Play

EAC’s shuttles offer comfortable seating so that your team will be able to stay loose before they go out to play! All shuttles also have audio/video equipment on board to show a movie or play music to get your team pumped up and ready to hit the field or court! Free WiFi is also provided so that your players can stay in contact with their friends and family if the destination is far from home.

What About The Gear?

EAC knows that it’s not only the players that need to get there, your gear does too! If there is a large amount of equipment or luggage that needs to make the trip, we can dispatch a separate cargo van or trailer to best cater to your schools needs. Our sports charters can get you and your gear right where it needs to be.

EAC Sports Charters Let You Bring the Fans!

Whether its mom, your brother, girlfriend, or half of your home town. EAC can coordinate with you on bringing your cheering section. Whether its just a couple of bleacher seats or half of a stadium, EAC sports charters can coordinate with your loyal fans.