Trip Down Memory Lane


We were going through the office and found some vintage EAC memorabilia! The good news is we aren’t trying to sell it on eBay, but we did want to share it with everyone since October 8th is Express Air Coach’s ten year anniversary.

From a single a shuttle and a black and white newspaper ad, we’ve come a long way (business-wise and mileage-wise)! Your continued patronage has helped us grow at Purdue to taking on charter services and even providing transportation for UofI students. So, for everyone who has ever ridden on Express Air Coach, we wanted to say a heartfelt thank you!

One of the ways to say thank you will be our Anniversary Sale. Save $10.00 on EVERY ticket you purchase on October 8th. Whether, it is just a trip between campuses or all your trips to and from home, every ticket is discounted all day!

Thanks again and here’s to the next ten years being just as exciting.

Remember the code is HAPPY10.

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